Sunday, February 10, 2013

Notes for the Week of February 11

For the next 5-6 weeks, I am going to write a post on Sunday night to relate any interesting news for the following week.  Please share with friends!

  • This week's free story is "Swim", a true horror story from Pandora's Children: The Complete Nightmares Book 1.  It can be found at here and will be free from Monday, 2/11/13-2/15/13.  
  • For my submission to Publisher's Weekly, I had to write a 150 word "promo" to explain to them what makes Blood, Smoke and Ashes different from other books.  Why they should consider it for review.  Not easy for me to do, but I did it.  And it forced me to think of what made my first novel different and special.  And this is what i came up with:       Blood,Smoke and Ashes combines the fast-paced nature of a traditional thriller with a complex human element found in traditional horror stories. It is a supernatural thriller/horror, a hybrid tale that blends genres and appeals to readers of both thrillers and dark fiction. It never gets bogged down with too much history but enough back story is presented to allow the reader to truly understand the characters and their motives. It is a character driven story, and while it is a supernatural tale, at its heart it is a story about the human spirit and the human condition: what drives us, what breaks us, what defines us. As FBI agent Jack Shaw discovers at the end of the book, not every monster is created equal, good and evil is not as black and white as he has always believed and not everything that is broken can be put back together.
  • The first Goodreads contest is open until midnight this Wednesday.  Enter for a chance to win a trade paperback copy of Blood, Smoke and Ashes.  Click here to go to the contest page.
  • Don't forget to participate in the Rafflecopter contest, where Amazon gift cards will be given out every Sunday for the next five weeks.  The first winner will be announced tomorrow.  Click here to go directly to contest page.
  • I know Authorgraph can be kind of lame, but if you're interested in having you Kindle copy of Blood, Smoke and Ashes- or any of my books- signed, click over to their webpage and make a request.

That is this for this Sunday afternoon.  Don't forget to share, Tweet, Like etc.  My success, like the success of any artist, is dependent on you!

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