Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reflecting on Midnight covers- need your opinion part 2

Now I still want opinions on the title design from the previous post, but now I am going to ask for opinions when it comes to the author name itself.  Michael pointed out that my name in the 2 previous examples looked a little unbalanced because of the two capitals on the left and only one on the right.  And I do agree, to a degree, and I did notice it.  I just liked the design.  It's a little different.  But anyway, I adjusted the name and now want opinions on it.  Do you like the original style from the previous post, despite it being unbalanced?  I personally don't care for the balanced look, which you will find on the cover below on the left.  I like the straight across look on the right better than the look on the left.  But there's still something I liked about the unbalanced look...  Opinions welcome...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Reflecting on Midnight covers- need your opinion

If anyone can give me their opinion on which cover I should use, I would appreciate it.  Thanks!
The only difference is in the title.  I know the top looks really empty, but I really didn't want to block out the eyes and the nose in the clouds.  I may put a quote from a review up there... but anyway, if you could leave me  something in the comment section with your opinion, I would appreciate it!