Sunday, February 3, 2013

Here We Go!

Several things to announce today.  So here he we go:

  • Rafflecopter- The Rafflecopter contest has started on my Facebook Page!  Just click here to be redirected.  Rules are easy.  Do the assigned tasks, which include Tweeting, Liking, and reviewing the book, and earn chances to win one of several prizes.  No purchase is necessary.  Prizes include a $20 Amazon gift card (one given away every week for six weeks) and $100 and $150 gift cards if Blood, Smoke and Ashes hit certain sales numbers.  The $100 gift card will be award if the book breaks the Kindle Top  100 and the $150 will be award if the book hits the Kindle Top 50.
  • Goodreads contest- Want to own one of two autographed trade paperback copies?  Visit Blood, Smoke and Ashes' Goodreads page here and enter for a chance to win!
  • Free Book- Pandora's Children Book 1: In the Chair, which includes the stories "The Devil's Toothache" and "Dentures" will be free from Amazon from Monday, February 4th through Friday, February 8th.  Pick up a copy!
  • Spread the Word- And of course, please re-tweet any of the tweets I send out to help spread the word of Blood, Smoke and Ashes, the contest, the giveaway and the free books.  Check my handle everyday, @bconvisdmd,  and sent my tweets to your friends.

Thanks for everything, guys!

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