Thursday, March 31, 2011

Looking for horror anthology contributors

Open call to all Indie Horror Authors!  My name is Bradley Convissar and I am in the process of trying to get 8-12 authors together to publish an anthology.  I look around and see some of the more well known Indie authors gathering together to put out short story collections and I thought to myself, hey, why not us?  If you are inetrested, read on.  If not, feel free to move on:

1.  I am looking for stories 1,000-6,000 words.  Hell, you can submit a story you already published in one of your collections if you choose, though an original story would be preferable.  I will not edit for content, only for spelling, unless there is something egregiously wrong.  Important: you must own the rights to the story!

2.  Don't expect to make too much money from this.  It will be priced at $.99.  Don't get me wrong, I will spit whatever profits there are, though $.35- $.40 per book split among 10 people is not a whole lot.  Remember, this is for exposure.

3.  I do not have a title or cover in mind yet, suggestions welcomed.

4.  Each story will be accompanied by a short bio and links to websites or blogsites.

5.  You will be expected to promote the book on your own social networking sites: Twitter, Facebook,
through your blogs, etc.  I will do whatever other book their is.

6.  I will publish this on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and Smashwords.

7.  I will listen to any input and suggestions I get, but someone has to be in charge, and I will make any final decisions.

If you are interested, please e-mail me at with your name and a short message.  If you have a title in mind, let me know.  Put "Anthology" in the subject line.

My intention is to have this done by the end of May and I will keep everyone in the loop

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  And if you know someone else who wants to get in on this, let me know.
-Bradley Convissar

Friday, March 18, 2011

Dogs of War: A Ghost Story

Dogs of War, a stand-alone 25,000 word novella, is now available.

After divorcing his wife of two years, Gary Lettner thinks he has found the perfect house for himself and Molly, his eight-year-old daschund. 

But when the throats of the dead begin to cry out in a voice that only Molly can hear, and when evidence of past atrocities committed in his new home begin to surface, Gary finds himself an unlikely participant in a brutal quest for vengeance.

Sometimes in life, you read about something in the paper or see something on the news that is just so horrible... but you know that true justice will never be discovered. *That's life and that's the world we live in. *Sometimes, as an author, the only way to make sense of it all, the only way to find some sense of justice, is to write your own ending to the story.

This is one such story. *"Dogs of War" is a brutal, heart-wrenching ghost story that attempts to find some justice in this sometimes crazy world we live in.

Dogs of War can be purchased at the usual places for only $.99.  And if you decide to read it, a review would be appreciated at the point of purchase if you enjoyed it.  Thanks!




Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dogs of War cover

With the impending release of my novella "Dogs of War", I've been working on a cover it.  Someone recently advised me against the moon motif, so I am switching gears.  Its amazing what you can do with GIMP.  Anyone have an opinion?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Suspense Magazine, Death Bleeds Into Life update

Two quick updates for my readers and potential readers out there:
  • I recently won third place in Suspense Magazine's 2010 writing contest for my short story Naughty and Nice, which has been published in their March 2011 issue.  Very exciting for me
  • I also wanted to make note of a five-star review given to Death Bleeds Into Life on Smashwords and Amazon:
"Excellent!  All stories in this collection are great. "The Madame Penitent" is something truly special. The plot alone would make it worthwhile but it is so much more than that. Evocatively written, the prose in this story feels more like poetry (and I mean that in a good way ;)). The good doctor delivers!"
So if you haven't picked up Death Bleeds Into Life yet, what are you waiting for?  You can purchase it from Amazon here, from Barnes and Nobles here, and from Smashwords for multiple formats here.  As always, only $.99!

And to read Naughty and Nice, check out the newest issue of Suspense Magazine

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Books

Just ordered a couple of books from Barnes and Nobles:

  • The Good, The Bad and The Uncanny- Simon Green
  • Changes- Butcher
  • Dragons Wild- Aspirin
  • Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven- Hobb
Again, I love everything Butcher does.  I love how the characters from the different series cross over.  And the Nightside series is just so deliciously bizarre

Can't wait to read Changes.  I love the Dresden books, and I hear that this is a real heavy hitter in the whole Dresden mythology

I really enjoyed Aspirin's Myth- and Phule series, although they both seemed to get a little weak as they went on.  I believe Aspirin stopped writing the Phule books himself, and you can tell.  But he's a great, funny storyteller and I look forward to this new series.

And the two Hobb books... I really enjoy her stuff, though nothing has been as good as the original Farseer trilogy.  But she is one of those authors I just love to read.

Don;t know how long it will take me to get to these books.  The Nightside books are always a quick read, so i may get to that first, though I really want to dive into Changes.  Of course, as soon as I am done with the Blades of the Moonsea trilogy, I want to finish up with Full Dark, No Stars.  Will keep you updated!

What I'm Reading 3/1/11

I've decided that I should probably update this more often, so I plan to write a short post on a weekly basis talking about what I am reading, a tall order considering I am always reading between 3-5 books, as well as several short things on my Droid X.  And there will be some comic book news sprinkled in because I am a geek, after all.  So, for my first installment, here's what's going on:

  • Full Dark, No Stars- Stephen King's newest short story collection.  Well, three short stories and one novella.  So far, I've only read "Fair Extension", and quite frankly, I don't know where to start.  Not a great story, not inspiring... somewhat depressing actually.  You don't know how you should feel about the characters because the emotions that drive them seem so petty.  Not his worst work, and I am hoping the rest of the stories are better.  But, as this is Stephen King, his writing ability makes up for a mediocre story.