Monday, August 1, 2011

Official Pandora's Children/ Dogs of War Contest!

Okay fans and fans-to-be, in honor of the release of Pandora's Children The Complete Nightmares: Books 1 and 2, I have decided to have my first contest.  Each book contains eleven stories and over 90,000 words (300-400 printed pages depending on how you calculate it), and well worth the $2.99.  Read the rules below to get started.  And remember, NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY:

  • For every 30 (thirty) copies of Pandora's Children The Complete Nightmares I sell through Amazon for the Kindle, I will be giving away a $25 gift card for Amazon.  That is combined copies sold- if 15 people buy both books, that counts as 30 copies.
  • If by some miracle either book ends up in the top 100 paid Kindle books (not top 100 horror, but top 100 overall), I will give away a $100 gift card for Amazon.  If both books make it, that will be 2 (two) $100 gift cards for Amazon, 1 for each book.
  • In addition, if Dogs of War, my $.99  25,000-word novella breaks the top 100 paid Kindle books, I will be giving away a single $50 Amazon gift card.  (There are no prizes for the number of copies of Dogs of War purchased- the $.99 price makes this impossible)

No purchase necessary- but remember, if you enter the contest but do NOT actually buy anything, that severely decreases the chances of me reaching any of my goals and less likely that anyone wins anything.

To enter, you need to do the three following things:
  • Follow me on my Facebook author page here.
  • Follow me on Twitter.  My name is @bconvisdmd
  • E-mail me at with your Facebook name and Twitter ID so I can make sure you did the 2 steps above.  I will send a confirmation e-mail by the end of the night after I make sure everything is right.  All you need to do is enter once to be eligible for all 3 contests
  • And, though not necessary to enter the contest because not everyone has a blogger account, I would appreciate it if you would follow this blog.
  • You must be 12 or older (minors w/ parental permission) and live in the U.S. or Canada.  The winner agrees to have his or her first name and location published for verification purposes (ex: Jim from St Louis).  The winner must provide a valid shipping address for delivery of the gist card.
This contest will run from the minute this post is published until Friday, August 5th, 2011, at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time.  All entry e-mails must be received by then.  Why so short?  Because if any of the books are going to have a chance to break the top 100 paid Kindle books, a lot of copies need to be purchased in a relatively short time.

Now why am I doing this?  Exposure, of course.  As I've learned working as a dentist, you get some patients through the internet and yellow pages and other ads, but you get the most patients through word of mouth.  So I'm hoping that you guys will not only buy the books and enter the contests, but tell your friends and Tweet it up.  Remember, you don't need to buy anything to participate, but if no one buys anything, than no one will win anything.

Now how can I be trusted to follow my end of the bargain?  
  • Well first off, anyone here can check any of the books' hourly rankings by going to their respective Amazon pages.  But I will make sure I check every hour or so through the day.  Again, hitting the top 100 paid Kindle books for any of the three books is a longshot, but possible if you encourage friends and family to buy the books.
  • As for total purchases of each book, on Saturday morning, before choosing the winners, I will post a page shot of my sales page, with the date, on this site so everyone can see themselves.
  • Winners will be chosen on Saturday, August 6th, using  Each eligible e-mail entry will be given a number based on order in which it is received.  Winners will be notified by e-mail on Sunday, August 7th.
So there it is, guys and gals, the rules and prizes. Descriptions for all three books can be found here on their respective pages or on their Amazon pages. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at the above e-mail address.  And remember to share this contest with your friends through Twitter, Facebook or your own websites/blogs.  Thanks!

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