Welcome To My Chair

My name is Brad and I belong to that most reviled group, hated more than the Taliban and trial lawyers.  Yes, I am a dentist.

Do I get off on sticking needles in people?  You betcha'.  Sometimes. But seriously, I really do enjoy taking out teeth.

Favorite books? American Gods by the Sandman himself, Gaiman, Weaveworld, a perfect blend of horror and fantasy by Barker, It by King, Watchers by Koontz and The War of the Flowers, by Tad Williams.

Now understand this- there are NO zombies in my stories. I have a restraining order against zombies. They are not allowed within 50 pages of anything I write. EVERYONE is doing zombies and, quite frankly, its getting a little trite.
No vampire romances, either, no teenage angst.  I write King/Straub/Barker/old-Koontz (you know what I mean) -esque , late 20th century horror.

I currently have 3 short story collections available from Amazon, BN and Smashwords: Pandora's Children Book 1-3, In The Chair, Too Young To Die, and Death Bleeds Into Life, respectively.The fourth  and final book, The Wretched Ones, will be out soon.

Previews for all my short stories, as well as free short stories, can be found  at my Smashwords profile page.

So if your interested in good old fashioned psychological horror with both human monsters and monster monsters, check me out. My blog is www.notjustaboringdentist.com, and you can find me on Facebook by searching for Bradley Convissar author.

Links can be found under the "Where to find me" tab, and I can be reached via e-mail at bconvisdmd@gmail.com.