Saturday, August 20, 2011

Darkest Days Publishing

I have finally decided to create a publishing page, separate from this blog, for my books.  Everything I publish will be published under the Darkest Days Publishing Imprint, and details can be found at   This page will focus on the books themselves and only the books themselves; no opinions, no reviews, no dental stuff.  Only info pertinent to my books.

To that end, you will find things at Darkest Days Publishing that you will not find here, including direct links to any new reviews as well as new series of blog posts called "Story Behind The Story".  This series will focus on the events in my life or stories which I have read which inspired me to write a particular story.

First up is "Four Corners", one of my favorite short stories.  The entire post can be found here.  And please, "Like" the page, Tweet the page, share the page!

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