Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What I'm Reading 3/1/11

I've decided that I should probably update this more often, so I plan to write a short post on a weekly basis talking about what I am reading, a tall order considering I am always reading between 3-5 books, as well as several short things on my Droid X.  And there will be some comic book news sprinkled in because I am a geek, after all.  So, for my first installment, here's what's going on:

  • Full Dark, No Stars- Stephen King's newest short story collection.  Well, three short stories and one novella.  So far, I've only read "Fair Extension", and quite frankly, I don't know where to start.  Not a great story, not inspiring... somewhat depressing actually.  You don't know how you should feel about the characters because the emotions that drive them seem so petty.  Not his worst work, and I am hoping the rest of the stories are better.  But, as this is Stephen King, his writing ability makes up for a mediocre story.
  • Avenger, Book 3 of the Blades of the Moonsea Trilogy-  Yes, I still read Forgotten Realms books.  And Dragonlance books.  They're bubblegum, but fun.  This is the final book of the first trilogy set in the post Spellplague Forgotten Realms.  A good read, engaging, but I wish that this first trilogy had been a little more important.  A little more defining, instead of just a random trilogy.  For instance, after the Chaos War on Krynn, we got the Dawning of a New Age trilogy, which jumped right into the new world and the new chracaters.  I'm kind of at a loss here, with new gods and new geography and not knowing what has happened to major characters, like Mystra's Chosen and the such.  I know that this will be explored, and maybe it has in the new Elminster book, but I wish we had something more with this first trilogy.
  • Secrets of Pax Tharkas, Book 1 of the Dwarf Home trilogy-  Enjoying this book, though it focuses exclusively on the Dwarves of the Dragonland world.  Action, intrigue and betrayal.  Everything I love in fantasy
  • Dragons of the Dwarven Depths, Book 1 of the Lost Chronicles trilogy-  A decent book, kind of disappointed with the simple writing, as if it were written with teenagers in mind.  I read the original trilogy in high school, almost 20 years ago, and I thought that reading this would remind me of the magic of the first series, but it hasn't.  It's not a bad book, but its hard to live up to the grandeur and epic nature of Chronicles.  I miss these characters and I am glad I get to visit with them again.
  • Ghost of Chance- First book in Simon Green's new series.  Not very far along, but I'm enjoying it.  I love everything he writes because he is just so over the top.  Anything and everything goes in his books and very rarely am I disappointed.  His characters, his plots, they're all just so bizzare you can;t help but wonder what the hell is going to happen next.
I'm listening to Thousand Foot Krutch's Welcome to the Masquerade as I write this.

So there it is, a breakdown of what I've been reading.  If any of you are reading or have read any of these books, please, let me know what you think!

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