Sunday, December 19, 2010

Welcome to the Chair

Finding a good horror novel is as difficult as finding a good horror movie; most of what is out there is simply crap. What do we have when it comes to the horror genre? Steven King and his son Joe Hill, Peter Straub and Dean Koontz. Anne Rice is gone, having found Jesus (though it is said she recently lost him, and will possibly exhume Lestat from his literary grave). And Clive Barker hasn’t published a new adult novel in years (still waiting for the Scarlet Gospels and the return of Harry D’Amour).
If you’ve exhausted these author’s works and have no interest in vampire soap operas (which seem to dominate the horror shelves these days) or mindless zombie bloodfests, there’s little left to explore.
I want to add another voice to the genre, and if you’re willing to step into the twisting hallways of the mind of a thirty-something year old dentist, I can assure you that you won’t leave unchanged.

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