Sunday, December 19, 2010

No more zombies, please!

I am sick of Zombies  I am a member of several forums that allow horror authors to plug their own books, and I swear, 90% of them begin with the words "The has come to an end" or "Armageddon has come" or "The age of mankind is over" or something in this vein, quickly followed by the word zombie.  I know, I know, these things work in cycles.  Zombie movies have been rampant the past five years.  The Walking Dead has exploded on AMC to critical acclaim.  People love Brian Keene's books (I've read a couple and found them fun), but how many end of the world zombie books can the market stand.  I don't want to sound arrogant because I've sold about 8 books, but it seems like everyone thinks that writing zombies is the way to go.  To me, it seems like the easy way out.  Not that writing anything is easy, but zombie stories seem to be the simple way to write a horror book.  There is a very real dearth of intelligent horror as everyone tries to force their way into some of these narrow niches.  No more zombies.  No more vampire romances.  I want to see the return of horror that makes you think.  That makes you ask "what the hell did I just read?".  That scares you with something other than shambling corpses.  I am so inundated with "Read my zombie story" that I no longer want to read any zombie stories.  Give me monsters.  Give me ghosts.  give me devils and demons.  Give me the horrible side of humanity.  But please, stop with the zombies.
The shark bas been jumped, and I am done.

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