Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Free Books

After the success of Last Dance of a Black Widow (17,000 downloads in 10 days, 5 5-star reviews, Shelfari updates by a fan, and a significant amount of paid-for books sold), I have released 2 more books for free.  The first is an original 3,500 word short story, The Butcher:

 A killer is on the lose. A butcher who eats his victims. So far, five girls have died horribly, pieces of them mailed to the local newspaper. Will Miranda be the sixth? Or has the Butcher of Bayonne bitten off more than he can chew this time.

The second is The Madame Penitent, which can be found in both Pandora's Children Book 3 and The Complete Nightmares Book 1.  This is probably my favorite story in the collection and is a fan favorite.  I also included Naughty and Nice as a bonus, which can be found for free in Dark Interludes and also The Complete Nightmares Book 2.  I included this story simply because it is a fun read.  While I was re-editing it a month ago, I realized why it won 3rd place in Suspense Magazine's annual contest: because it is dark and funny with a lot of good lines.

Anyway, both are now available on Smashwords for free, and will be available on Amazon for free in a month or so- it is quite a convoluted path for an indie author to get their stuff on Amazon for free, but it can be done.  Just takes a while.  Anyway, here are the covers.


  1. Fabulous covers. Do you design your own?

  2. Yeah, not as nice as what I wanted, but I wanted a consistant theme between all of my covers so when a new book is released, it ahs that distinctive look and people know who wrote it. You look at King or koontz or really any big author, and when they sell their books to new publishers, the new publisher always designs new covers with a distintive theme. I keep my name small on my covers because teh title is more important at this point. but I want people to see a cover and instinctively know where they saw it before. I have six different background which I rotate, one font for name and title, and a common layout. Consideirng I have "sold" 25K free copies of blink and 22K fre copies of Last Dance, and a couple hundred of the other books and novellas, when a new story comes out, people scrollign through and looing at the covers will instantly recognize it.